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Who's UP for a Challenge?

July 16th, 2017


"Who's UP for a Challenge "?
Challenges are great - they bring out the best in us - they inspire us - it makes us prove our worthiness. What really are challenges? - let's define what a challenge is - Let's look that word up - challenge:

1) a call to fight, as a battle, a duel -

- this was not MY first thought - is this militarily speaking ? - do I need a suit of armor or a chosen weapon? - Well, I guess, there was this place called 'Vietnam' that I patriotically survived. . .

2) by nature or character serves as a call to battle - there's that word again, 'Battle' - maybe they're referring to a verbal battle or perhaps, a medical condition?

3) a call or summons to engage in any contest, as of skill, strength, or stamina, etc.

- now this sounds more like it - a couple of references or examples of mine:

a 'competitive food eating' contest, or where I was told that if I ate the 3 pound hamburger I would get a T-shirt (that boldy says so! ) YUMMM ! - Was that it ? - Or -

Eat (hey - same category !) and finish the 72 oz. Steak (with a side salad - I like roughage!), And if I did, I would NOT have to pay for it (both were a 'challenge', but success was mine! - Still have the T-shirt !) - Or -

Like 'dating' a tall, large woman - now, that's a challenge - ( - Now, ladies and gentlemen, I bring your attention to the WWE Center Stage where . . .) - Sorry I got a little 'carried away' - HA! - But I was 'up' for it!

Motorcycle & car racing sports - ALL RIGHT! . . . Ahh, the memories (motorcycle 'Scrambles' - my favorite ) - or

having to take on a difficult 'transition' challenge from 40 years as a 'Metal Sculptor' to presently (at age 72) , starting to creating Digital Fine Art Paintings! - Or -

. . . I guess I could go on and on - okay, enough of my boastful challenges (but, some FUN filled) past and present -

- - back to the dictionary definitions - -

seems like the descriptions are involving something that is pretty much of a specific physical nature?

Humm - let's look further

4) a demand to explain, justify, etc.

5) difficulty in a job or undertaking that is stimulating to one engaged in it.

- I like the word 'stimulating' because if there's not a desire or motivation, where is the fun, or passion in the challenge?

Well, it looks like that In just about every personal aspects of life, or every field of business there are 'challenges' -
you read some of the descriptions of mine - what have been or are some of yours?